Whether it be indoor or outdoor, lighting is something every residence must have, no matter how well your home is designed to utilize sunlight to bring light into the home for illumination or even to store through the installation of solar panels. That energy will be required to power lighting when night falls, so it is important make sure all lighting is energy efficient.


Efficient lighting

Lighting today has come a long way. Previously in an attempt to make lighting more efficient standard lamps which were replaced with fluorescent bulbs in ugly shapes and sizes, but now there are many fluorescent lamps around in standard sizes that use significantly less energy while still maintaining aesthetic appeal.

LED lamp

Screenshot from Switch App

The next step in efficiency goes beyond fluorescent lighting to the new generation of LED lamp. These lamps are significantly more efficient with a higher light output and a much longer life than the fluorescents. With most homes in the past 10-15 years having what is known as low-voltage down lights throughout, and some homes having an excess of 50 of them, the LED lights can easily be retrofitted into those fittings and will give the same or greater lighting output while consuming approximately just one 5th of the energy.

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